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Is Chocolate Really A Health Food ?

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By Colleen [1]
Posted on 6/20/2008

Agave syrup debunked
I bought some agave syrup after having heard it hyped (along with raw cacao). I was not terribly impressed--although it seems infinitely better than using honey or maple syrup as a sweetener. I am sorry to hear that the scientific community has found it to be similar in action to corn syrup. Many well-meaning people have been lead down the garden path! Thanks for correcting this misconception, Dr. Clement.
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By Antonio [2]
Posted on 6/20/2008

Live blood after chocolate and agave.
Hi, I tested my live blood 2 hours after consuming a raw ball sweetened with agave, and some raw chocolate about 30 minutes later. The blood profile indicated conjestion (rouleau) which means the cells are all stuck together and are not moving freely like they should. When this happens the blood is stagnating and is open to bacteria and yeast growth (like a swamp). I agree with Brian. These products are perfect for short term gain and long term pain. Be well, Antonio.
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Posted on 4/15/2009

Raw Chocolate a deception
Brian I believe is correct. I have eat raw chocolate recently over a few days to try it out. The result was, a upset stomach, very acid environment and loose bowels. To balance my ph I drank green juice and blue green algae. The David Wolfes of this world are selling a dream. Drink your green juices and listen to Brian Clement, even though at the moment I’m struggling with raw food. My plan is to train as an Health educator at HHI
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